You really are spoilt for choice with our range of fresh produce

We supply a broad range of produce from fresh fruit and vegetables to cooking oils and dairy produce. Basically we source produce that you need to make your restaurant or business successful. We also provide a selection of specialty goods which include pesto, olives, chopped tomatoes, parma ham and peeled garlic. All of our produce is sourced carefully with quality and price in mind at all times.

Our dairy produce section is rapidly growing and we stock a wide variety cheeses from around the world and fresh milk and creams. If you require a speciality cheese contact us and we will endeavor to source it for you from our excellent dairy suppliers.

We can also order pre - prepared vegetables such as baton carrots and soup mixes etc at your request, this usually needs to be ordered in advance to ensure prompt delivery.

Orders can be placed over the phone, faxed or emailed to us via the website contact form. Orders need to be placed before 4am of the day of delivery and for specialist items we advise that at least 24hrs notice is given.